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Building The Perfect Backyard for Entertaining

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

The pandemic taught us a lot about how we use our homes. As we move forward with building new homes and home improvement projects, we know that more people want space in their home for a gym, home office, and a space for outdoor entertaining. Here in North and South Carolina, the weather is beautiful most of the year so it is imperative to have a space to enjoy it. If you dream of a four-season porch, a pergola for some extra shade, or an outdoor kitchen equipped with an outdoor fridge, bar, and all of your favorite grilling devices, keep reading! We are here to help you in building the perfect backyard for entertaining.

Is your backyard a little neglected or in need of a makeover? Well, we are here to give you a rundown of some of our favorite backyard ideas and how to plan for them. We also have some of our favorite projects to share. These projects brought our clients outside to enjoy their space and transformed their homes.

Backyard Planning

As the weather warms up, you want a space to enjoy the sun, lounge poolside, and sip sweet tea from your back deck or patio. Before you can achieve this dream backyard, you need a plan. If you are ready to create a backyard oasis, then here’s how to get started:

  • Make a list of the things that you want out of your backyard – This list includes your must-have details for the space so you and your professional team which may include the builder, landscape architect, audio/video installation expert, or interior designer, are all on the same page.

  • Start compiling images of your favorite backyards for inspiration – A picture is worth a thousand words and this is why having inspiration photos for your team will get you the result you are looking for.

  • Start thinking about the budget – You can turn your backyard into a private resort, a comfortable outdoor living area, or even have an outdoor chef’s kitchen if it fits your budget. To develop a budget that is realistic, take into account all of the areas that need to be addressed in your space and what you want to include.

  • Don’t forget about the small things that add up – Projects like retaining walls, drainage, irrigation, lighting, landscaping, and hardscaping will add up quickly. Remember to include those in the budget to avoid exceeding your overall project budget.

  • Know that you can complete your project in phases – As much as you would love to have everything done at once, that may not be an option. Planning your renovation in phases will help you get everything you want to be accomplished. For example, if you want a home theater outside, then the wiring and every electrical aspect will need to be included in the plan. This part of the project can be finished later on but if the pre-wiring is completed, then you won’t incur extra expenses down the road once you are ready.

  • Contact a general contractor or builder – A company like David Rogers Builders is a great way to kick off your outdoor project. The builder will contact all of the professionals needed to achieve your plan and will start with securing the permits to complete the work. They will also get bids on the materials and jobs, develop a plan, and help you finalize your budget.

Outdoor Structures and Features

Additions to your backyard will make it feel like a new space. These are some of our favorites at David Rogers Builders:

  • Pergola – This is an excellent choice if you are looking for relief from the sun while allowing sunlight to still come through.

  • Four-Season Porch – The useable space that a four-season porch provides all year long is the biggest benefit to your home. This space typically has floor-to-ceiling windows and is thermally engineered to allow for cooling and heating year-round.

  • Screened-In Porch – A screened-in porch is a way to go if you want to enjoy being outside without pests and mosquitos. You get privacy and protection from the weather.

  • Covered Porch/Patio – A covered area off of your home provides more living space and helps with some weather protection. There are many structures and styles including verandas, that are covered areas off of your home that can run along the sides or back.

  • Deck or Paved Patios – Extend your home with a patio or deck. This extra space is perfect for outdoor entertaining and can be used for so many items on your wish list. You can create an outdoor kitchen, extend your pool deck for more room to play, and create extra space to congregate around a fire pit.

  • Gazebo – This structure is often located in an independent space in a backyard. It is freestanding and has a covered roof to protect you from the sun and rain.

Hire a Professional

Starting a backyard project is extensive and will require time because there is so much to consider. If you want to get the most out of your investment, hire professionals to do the work. The largest expense and workload come from pools, retaining walls, managing sloping landscapes, and demolition of the existing space. This is where David Rogers Builders comes in. We assist in connecting you with the right professionals to complete the work while we oversee the entire project from start to finish. With the proper plan and design in place, we communicate the progress along the way and leave you with a stunning and inspiring backyard for you to enjoy for years to come.

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