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Embracing the Future: Unveiling Custom Home Building Trends of 2023

For those considering remodeling a home or building new construction, you will want to pay attention to what is new with home building. Embark on a journey through the most captivating and sought-after trends defining custom home building in 2023. From awe-inspiring outdoor spaces to innovative home technology, we unveil exclusive insights and inspirations to help shape your exceptional living experience. Get ready to be inspired and captivated as we explore the unparalleled possibilities within custom home building. Embrace the future with the custom home building trends of 2023.

What is a Design Trend in Home Building?

We are halfway through 2023, and the past few months have refined what clients look for in their luxury and custom home-build projects. Home builders use their experience and look to design trends to guide clients through pre-construction, but what exactly is a design trend?

In home building or home design, a trend refers to a popular style, concept, or feature that homeowners, architects, and builders are embracing. Trends can encompass various aspects of home construction, architecture, interior design, and even technological advancements that shape how homes are built and designed. These trends often respond to evolving preferences, changing lifestyles, and the need for innovation and improved functionality. They serve as sources of inspiration and guidance for homeowners and professionals in the industry, offering fresh ideas and design concepts to create modern, stylish, and functional living spaces.

What Homeowners Want in Their Homes

Following trends keeps a home updated with industry developments and ensures a home aligns with contemporary aesthetics and lifestyle preferences. Here are some of the leading custom home-building trends to watch out for in 2023:

Multiple Home Offices and Work Spaces

As more people work from home and prioritize a flexible lifestyle, home offices are becoming more popular, and this trend isn't going away anytime soon. Today's remote workers want a few key things: privacy, so they feel like they are going to a separate area to disconnect from family life and focus on getting their work done. Homeowners want ample natural light and ambient lighting for video meetings, storage to organize work materials, and technology infrastructure to ensure reliable connectivity.

Unlike in recent years, where homes were built with one home office, homeowners now want to add multiple office spaces. Multiple members of the household need workspaces that allow for work and school. Many homeowners are renovating formal living or formal dining rooms to create additional office spaces to provide more flexibility in the home to adapt to many different work schedules and styles.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are becoming more important as homeowners look to extend their living space beyond the walls of their homes. They want more ways to create functional and stylish outdoor living spaces suitable for entertaining, relaxing, and spending time with family and friends. An outdoor entertaining area might include outdoor kitchens, fire pits, swimming pools, comfortable seating, and dining areas. An outdoor living space adds value and continues to trend in homes. Read about adding an outdoor space to your custom home.

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology has revolutionized how we live, and its integration into custom-built homes will continue to be a prominent trend in 2023. From intuitive voice-controlled assistants to interconnected systems, homeowners want smart home technology's convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency. Imagine effortlessly adjusting lighting, temperature, and security with a simple voice command or remotely managing your home's functions through a smartphone app. Custom-built homes now incorporate robust smart home ecosystems, including automated lighting systems, smart thermostats, voice-activated assistants, and integrated security features. With the ability to personalize and customize these systems to fit individual preferences and needs, smart home technology is elevating the concept of modern living and transforming houses into intelligent, responsive, and interconnected living spaces.

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans have been popular for the last several years and are still trending. Homeowners look for homes with flow between rooms. A popular open-concept floor plan typically includes the kitchen open to the dining room and living room. The kitchen may have an oversized island or peninsula with ample seating and onlooking the living room to transition between living and eating spaces seamlessly.

Custom Cabinetry

The craftsmanship of custom cabinetry is a sought-after feature for many. Custom cabinetry allows homeowners to personalize their storage needs and perfectly match their home's style. Homeowners, builders, and designers work together to pick through a wide range of options that aren't available with stock cabinetry. With custom, you choose from various finishes, colors, styles, and unique features like built-ins, spice drawers, and specialized storage for kitchenware. In addition to being functional and personalized, custom cabinetry is constructed by professionals with long-lasting, high-quality materials.

Multi-Generational Living

An emerging trend in 2023 is the increased demand for multi-generational living spaces. With changing family dynamics and an aging population, more families are choosing to live together under one roof, creating a need for homes that can accommodate multiple generations. Multi-generational homes are designed to provide separate and private living spaces while allowing for shared communal areas. Detached guest houses and in-law suites with private entrance is trending.

Guest houses are another way to provide flexibility and can be used for aging parents or adult children who want their own space but still want to be close to family. When building a multi-generational property, you may consider accessible entrances, bathrooms, wider hallways, and extra storage. By designing flexible, adaptable, and functional homes for multiple generations, custom home builders create living spaces that meet the unique needs of today's families.

Build Your Home In Charlotte

As custom home builders, staying on top of these trends is essential to ensure we provide our clients with the latest home design and construction. With new trends and innovations emerging, homeowners have more options than ever to create a stylish and functional home. Whether you're looking for outdoor living spaces, open-concept floor plans, or a multi-generational build, there's sure to be a trend that meets your needs and preferences today.

At David Rogers Builders, we stay on top of trends while keeping our homeowners' vision a priority to keep things up-to-date and build your home to last, in some cases, for generations. We understand that your dream home should be an exquisite reflection of your unique vision and lifestyle. For those considering building a custom home in Charlotte, NC, Waxhaw, NC, Marvin, NC, or other areas surrounding the city of Charlotte, contact us! You can learn more about David Rogers, his experience, and his work at

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