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Traditional Bathroom Renovation

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

traditional bathroom renovation

Charlotte, North Carolina, has seen so much growth over the years. In the southern part of the city, many homeowners are in homes built in the early 2000s. While the days of cherry wood kitchens, Tuscan interiors, and red-orange color palettes are lovely for some, most are looking for an updated look. The adventure of a home renovation is a big undertaking. One of our recent clients was up to the task. Their vision: His and Hers bathrooms in a 2 1/2 bath home. Take a tour of this home renovation and this traditional bathroom makeover.


Primary and Hallway Traditional Bathroom Remodel

Embarking on a bathroom renovation is a meticulous and exciting journey requiring much patience! We recently turned an outdated primary and hallway bathroom into two dream spaces that blended aesthetic charm with functional excellence. This project is a testament to our commitment to providing its owners with the best as we breathed new life into an older style bathroom, transforming it with a walk-in shower, light and neutral bright colors, tile selections, and exquisite construction techniques, ultimately creating a renewed sanctuary cherished by the homeowners.

Before getting to the result of a renovation, there are some things to prepare for. There are phases for construction. Let's dig in.

black and white bathroom design

Budgeting in the Planning Phase

A bathroom renovation is an investment, and there is a significant balance to maintain between aesthetics, craftsmanship, and materials. As a builder, it is our job to manage the budget and advise the homeowners of any unseen changes to the budget. When you work with a designer or even an architect (on more extensive renovations), the builder meets with these professionals to develop a realistic budget and timeline for completion. Every choice in the initial planning phases is a step towards personalization and reflecting the homeowner's unique style and preferences.

Navigating the PreConstruction Phase

Beyond the allure of aesthetics, a home builder will ensure the optimal functionality and bring your home up to code on any renovation. While working from the interior designer's plan, collaboration begins with subcontractors to finalize plans and consider structural aspects and plumbing configurations. Then comes the fun part...demolition day! When David Rogers's team starts any renovation project, we take meticulous steps to minimize dust and disruption for those still in their homes. Temporary construction walls using zippered plastic barriers covering entryways and sealing cracks go up to allow people to move freely to the construction site. 

Transformative Construction Phase

The demolition of any project happens quickly. In a bathroom, it will include the removal of a bathtub, shower, lighting, vanity, and more. The plumbing and electrical are evaluated to prepare for any changes and movement of fixtures. The materials and details are selected during the design phase to ensure they are ready for construction so that the construction can begin. The contractors will have guides to follow for tile placement, the height of fixtures, and any structural changes to the space. 

walk-in shower with white and gray tile

Quality Control in Every Detail

At David Rogers Builders, we adhere rigorously to our quality control standards, conducting inspections at every stage. Final inspections and completing a thorough punch list ensure that the project aligns with our high standards. This commitment results in a bathroom transformation that seamlessly blends form and function, enhancing our clients' home's overall appeal and functionality. This project was a collaborative effort between our construction team and design partner, Lori, from Gracious Home Interiors. The result is two spaces the homeowners can cherish for years to come! 

The Vision Unveiled

Ultimately, a vision evolved into personalized retreats reflecting their distinct tastes, needs, and shared luxury. The His and Hers bathroom remodel not only added value to the home but also enhanced the daily lives of the homeowners. "His" bathroom: a masculine palette with bold black and white features to bring a modern sense and sophistication. "Hers" bathroom: soft elegance and a place for serene relaxation. The space's centerpiece became a walk-in shower with multiple showerheads and a well-lit vanity, the picture of feminine refinement.

Creating a Traditional Dream Bathroom in Charlotte, NC

A bathroom renovation, especially in the growing city of Charlotte, NC, and its surrounding areas, offers many benefits to your home. Collaborating with experienced home builders, such as David Rogers Builders, adds another layer of assurance to your investment. Specializing in building custom luxury homes in the area, our team prioritizes personalized attention to detail and adheres to high-quality control standards. Our pride in our work extends to incorporating luxury features, offering immediate and long-term value to your home. 

David Rogers Builders in Charlotte, NC

As we reflect on the journey of this home renovation, we invite you to envision the possibilities for your own home! There's no better time to plan for a renovation or new construction custom home! Let us turn your aspirations into reality. Choose excellence, choose customization, and let us turn your dream home into a lasting asset. Schedule a consultation with David Rogers Builders and follow us on Instagram to see photos and details of our most recent work.


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