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The Top 5 Things To Know About Building a Custom Home

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

back of a three-story new construction with a pool

Building a custom home is like signing up for a grand adventure full of excitement! It is fun to make all of the decisions to customize your home. However, sometimes these decisions can become somewhat complex as the building process commences. You get to choose how involved you want to be in the design process and the selection of materials. If you want to make the building process easy on yourself, hire the right custom home builder to oversee the entire process. Here are our top 5 things to know about building a custom home from builder to the homeowner.

Designing a New Home

Designing your dream home involves more than deciding how many rooms you want and square feet. Before you decide to build, you should consider the architectural style that interests you the most. Do you like a modern or more traditional styled home? You also want to consider some of the finishes you want to see in your home, from counters,

David Rogers of David Rogers Builder giving a tour of a new construction custom home

hardwoods, and tile to paint colors. You don't have to have all the answers right away, but knowing these few details will help you find the best builder for you and fits your lifestyle.

When someone interested in building a home contacts David Rogers Builders, we start by discussing the vision for the house, the location, it's positioning, and if the land is secured. If you haven't nailed down your concept or place, no problem! The builder is there to field those ideas and questions.

What to Consider Before Building a Home

1. Research What Is Important To You

Do some homework on things you want to see in your home. If you love a specific style

or architectural design, share your ideas with the architect, builder, and interior

designer. If selecting the professionals working on your home, ask for referrals and

reviews before committing to any contractors. Your builder should have several options

for professional vendors and want you to have confidence in the people hired to build

your home. Doing your research before finalizing your plans and construction starts on

the house will save you time and money.

front of new home being built with scaffolding

2. Have a Plan for Future-Proofing

Developing a plan to future-proof your home has many benefits and can be

accomplished in many ways. Installing systems like home security, audio-video systems,

and home automation in your home before the walls are closed will save you a lot of

time and money in the long run. An AV specialist can pre-wire your home during

construction so you will have a system tailored to the house. With the increase of WIFI

needed in technology, think about having more rooms with internet access where your

devices can be hardwired to allow your WIFI demand to expand as needed.

3. Be Flexible With Your Timeline

Being flexible with your timeline for building a home will save you some heartache in

the long run. There are so many unknowns in construction. Like everything right now,

construction is in-demand, and projects are scheduled out a year or more. Not including

the time that it will take to complete your home. Your builder will give you a timeline for

completion; however, some materials and sub-contractors may run behind schedule.

Know that your timeline is a guideline, and you can't always control things like weather,

deliveries, and the scheduling of vendors and subcontractors.

White kitchen with a gray island and black range hood

4. Plan Your Dream Outdoor Space

Don't skip on the plan for landscaping and outdoor entertaining spaces. Having the backyard of your dreams might not be in the immediate plan but think about your ideal outdoor living space; does it have a pool, outdoor lighting, speakers, a kitchen, or an outdoor TV? The outdoor electrical equipment will require wires and should be run while the home is under construction and before the sidewalk, patio, and driveway are installed. If you want a gas fireplace or grill, the natural gas company will run the gas lines while the ground is accessible for digging.

5. Have Patience

Many questions will come up during the building process, which can be overwhelming.

Know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and your builder is there to help you

make the tough choices. It's easy to feel a little stressed, so keep your non-negotiables in mind and stick to what is most important to you. Having to make compromises will be a little easier if you weigh the things that are the most important. Hiring the right Custom Home Builder will save you from the many pitfalls of building a home. The builder

should be someone that you trust and who supports you in the decision-making process. They have all of the experience and know how to make building a home simple. They will break down the pre-construction and the construction process into manageable steps, so you know what to expect.

When you hire a custom home builder like David Rogers Builders, you can rest assured that you have a builder who will be your advocate. David Rogers has been building custom homes since 1996 and uses his extensive design knowledge to provide clear communication, organization, and an enjoyable building experience.

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