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What To Know About Black Windows

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

If you have seen any contemporary homes these days, you noticed the use of black windows in their design. Black windows have been trending, and houses of many architectural design styles can earn a significant facelift with this window upgrade. Whether trying to make your windows stand out or give your home some curb appeal, David Rogers Builders breaks down what you need to know about incorporating black windows.

What Do You Need To Know About Windows

Windows are among the most significant decisions in any home build or remodel. Windows are a driving force behind your home's appearance from the outside and inside. There are various panes, window sizes, styles, and colors. Before choosing what type or color works best for your home, let's first learn about windows!

  • Window Types - There are many windows, each of which suits different needs. Anything from bay windows, slider windows, single hung (the most common), double hung, picture windows, to specially shaped used in home designs. Each can add a different flare to your rooms and home.

  • Parts of a Window - While knowing the ins and outs of a window isn't necessarily the most crucial detail to a homeowner, learning about windows will help you make purchasing decisions. For example, adding more muntins to a window will increase the cost per window.

  • Cost - The general cost of windows ranges depending on where you live and who you have to install them. Black frames and other colored windows tend to run 10%-20% more money than white windows because of their popularity and because they require painting and more work.

  • Esthetics - When choosing a window, you want them to reflect the home's architectural style.

  • Maintenance - Maintaining your windows not only keeps them looking sparkly clean but helps to make your windows last. You want to inspect your windows regularly, clean outdoor glass twice a year, and clean and lubricate window tracks. High-quality windows require less maintenance for the homeowner.

  • Light - Your windows provide a view of your outside spaces and play an essential role in letting natural light shine throughout your home. Sunlight also helps to heat your home on sunny days during the cold months.

Are black windows right for your home?

Black window frames are eye-catching and draw your attention to the home's design. They offer a bold look but have a more expensive price tag than white windows. Use black windows to create a "timeless" look that adds a stunning contrast between lighter interior wall colors. Black windows also create a stronger connection to your outdoor space, providing that perfect "frame" for your view outside.

So are black windows right for your home? If you decide that black windows are for you, you have some great frame options. Black window frames come in wood, aluminum, and black steel frames. If you are trying to control costs, you can always do half and half on the window color. Using white for the interior side of the window and black on the exterior is becoming a trend in homes. You can still achieve that stark color difference and modern feel on the exterior but have a white window that will blend with similar white trims and make an impact against dark colors.

Get The Help From A General Contractor or Home Builder

If you are still unsure about your options, speak to your general contractor or home builder to help narrow down your choices. A home builder like David Rogers Builders will have several vendors to work with to find the perfect windows for your project. Here's one of our latest custom-built homes located in Weddington, NC. We installed these all-black windows where the interior window frames, sashes, and grilles were painted black to match the finish on the exterior of the windows.

If you are ready for your next home renovation project or are ready to build a custom home, contact David Rogers Builders!

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